Mališa Bahat [croatia] / Nailed in [croatia]

Sat, 22/04/2017 - 20:00
Disgraça - Rua da Penha de França, 217B - Lisboa

- Mališa Bahat sounds like a french emo-core bands from the 90ies with a modern emoviolence touch. They are relatively a new band on Croatian hc/punk scene, but already had a several tours behind. Released „Moments We're Lost In“ demo/ep in 2016., which got a great reviews. The band formed from the ashes of other bands such as Life in Peril, What Matters Most, Destrukcija Stvarnosti and many others.

- Nailed In plays nervous, fast and pissed off hardcore-punk in the vein of Tear It Up and Negative Approach, with members previously playing in Black Gust, Declaration, Passive Aggressive and Intrigue. They recorded their first 7”, which is going to be released for this tour:

Mališa bahat and Nailed In are a group of individuals that support DIY principles and strongly stand against facism, sexism, homophobia, religion and all other oppresive elements in this fucked up society.


Mališa Bahat [croatia] / Nailed in [croatia]